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Welcome to Raslilaramlila.com


The all time Great Ras Lila – Chaitanya Lila Director Padamshree awarded Shri Swami Hari Govind ji Maharaj of Vrindavan has devoted his whole life to serve the Ras Lila theatre of Braj Bhoomi and still at the age of 81 years He is very much active in service to glorify Shri Radha & Krishna through Ras Lila folk theatre. Swami ji is the first and only one since 1951 who has presented Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Holy preachings through the series (45 plays ) of Shri Chaitanya Lila. He is a great singer, actor and director. He has given new dimensions to the folk theatre of Vrindavan, the Land Lord Krishna. He has made it popular through out the world.



Ras Lila is a folk tradition that has incorporated elements of Indian classical music, drama and dance. This folk art is indigenous to Vraja, a tract of land located today in Uttar Pradesh, India, between New Delhi and Agra. Vraja is associated since time immemorial with the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krisna, the Divine Couple, who harmonize the essential elements of cultural and religious traditions inter-linked together throughout antiquity.



Ram lila is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the ten day battle between Lord Rama and Ravan, as described in the Hundu religious epic , the Ramayana. A tradition that originates from the Indian subcontinent , the play is often staged over ten or more successive nights, timed to culminate in the festival of Dashehra , that commemorates the victory of Lord Rama.






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